Bill Burk



Hello! My name is Bill Burk, a commercial and portrait photographer from the Pacific Northwest of the USA. My passion for photography was sparked at a young age using my families point and shoot film camera. Through family vacations and many rolls of film my interest in photography grew. Entering High school I  elected to take a photography course.  With encouragement from my instructors I continued my photographic journey throughout high school and into an arts program at a local community college.  With a lack of arts funding at the school courses suffered and with less photography classes available I decided to look elsewhere for a photographic education.


Flipping through an American Photo magazine I came across  a shout out to Hallmark Institute of Photography. A month later I was headed to the small town of Turners Falls Massachusetts where I  embarked on an intensive 10 month photography and business program, graduating in the summer of 2006.


I started working with other photographers and eventually started my own business.


Currently I am working as a commercial photographer. My work has been seen in advertising, editorials an publications. Photography isn't all I do. I enjoy spending copious amounts of time with my lovely wife and two young sons. Also as most PNW natives I like to snowboard, hike and create landscape imagery.

Feel free to reach out and say hi!