Bill Burk



Bill Burk is a portrait photographer and image maker from the Pacific Northwest. Bill's passion for photography was sparked at a young age using his families "point and shoot" film camera. Through family vacations and many rolls of film Bill's interest in photography grew. Entering High school he elected to take photography.  With encouragement from his instructors Bill continued his photographic journey throughout high school and into an arts program at a local community college.  With a lack of arts funding courses suffered and with less photography classes available Bill decided to look elsewhere for a photographic education.


Flipping through an American Photo magazine he came across  a shout out to Hallmark Institute of Photography. A month later he was driving from Washington State, to the small town of Turners Falls Massachusetts where he embarked on an intensive 10 month photography and business program, graduating in the summer of 2006.


Upon returning to the Northwest Bill began pursuing freelance photography. Learning from other professional artists and photographing anyone and anything he could.


Currently Bill is working as a commercial photographer and managing his company Be Burk Photography. His work has been seen in advertising, editorial an publications. Bill enjoys spending time with his wife and two young sons; snowboarding, hiking and creating landscape imagery.